ANIMAL EMERGENCY TIP: Defence Animal Hospital is the clinic to visit

01:44 PM | 12 Nov, 2018
ANIMAL EMERGENCY TIP: Defence Animal Hospital is the clinic to visit
LAHORE - It is not very rare that we come across animals who are in desperate need of help. With personal experience, as i was heading back home on a busy street, a kitten of three months was lost to the extent that she was barely dodging the oncoming traffic with a high chance of being crushed by a speedy vehicle.

With a little observation, it was not difficult to find out the feline was facing major health trouble. At 11 in the night upon trying to get through to various vets, i ended up contacting Dr Hameed Akbar. Some vets told they are closed while others did not pick, but Dr Hameed was the one man who opened up his clinic within 10 minutes to attend to the sick kitten. AND RESPECT!

I was most likely to take the kitten home due to not being sure if any vet would treat the stray like a normal pet. But after Dr Hamid treated her till midnight, i was content with leaving the sick animal there for him to treat for Pneumonia. The kitten can be up for adoption so feel free to stop by at the clinic if someone wants to adopt.

Dr Hamid, Asst professor of surgery UVAS, sits at 32 A sector commercial area phase 1.

His contact number is 03214551700, 04235899203.

There is a boarding area for strays/pets on the upper floor of the clinic. There is also food and other accessories available for the animals. Dr Hamid personally attends to his patients in need.

Visit the website:

The clinic will also help you get the animals further adopted due to having contacts.

The website has other information that you may want to read in order to evade an animal emergency by knowing what services is provided there.

There are also home services provided by the clinic in case it is not convenient for you to visit them due to transport trouble.

Guys take rescue cases and your pets to such vets who are willing to treat animals with just as much care as they would give to human beings. Let kindness start from today.