5 Myths And Facts About Naimal Khawar’s Life

08:49 PM | 13 Apr, 2020

Naimal Khawar being one of the most searched persons on Google in 2019 deserves to be in top search. It not just for her wedding or the dramas she acted in, she is an absolute beauty. Naimal Khawar hot pics on social media totally vouch for it.

Some of you know her as Izza from Anaa, and others may know her as Mahgul from the movie Verna. Yet, hardly anyone knew Naimal Khawar biography before she got married because Naimal Khawar drama list is not very long. However, she became the nation’s sensation upon confirmation of the news of her wedding.

Naimal Khawar Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi tied the knot on 25, August 2019, which also brought up a lot of controversies. The media was raving about her age and the nature of relationships before marriage.

She is an absolute pleasure for the human eye and definitely deserves to be in the spotlight. Here are some myths (or maybe facts) which you should know about Naimal Khawar if you are a die-hard fan of her.

She got the spotlight after marrying Hamza Ali Abbasi

Absolute no, Hamza may have accomplished his love life goals by getting his dream girl. However, this beauty with the brain was in the spotlight already because of her mesmerizing performance as Izaa. The credit of finding Naimal Khawar goes to Shoaib Mansoor.

Naimal Khawar wedding did bring her a lot of spotlight due to the amazing family she had. Their simplistic theme of the wedding and her mother’s artistic dress she wore on her nikkah make the media talk. Her wedding pics are an absolute pleasure to witness the beauty and modesty in one place.

She was in a relationship before marriage

Yes, but in the platonic one and the truth was published on a social media platform by hubby-to-be himself that they had a platonic relationship. Naimal herself referred to the same verdict in one of her Instagram posts.

Well, we can see ourselves how charming and happy they look with each other.

She was born with acting skills

Hey, no! She is not just an actor; in fact, becoming an actor wasn’t her goal at any point. Accidently spotted by a known director brought her to an audition, and that was it. She has much more to her than her artistic skills. Being an NCA graduate, she loves to paint and she is best in that too.

She was forced to leave showbiz with her marriage

No, she quitted because art was more important, and she says she cannot balance the two. Here is what Naimal Khawar wrote “I’m wrapping up shooting for my first and last drama serial... However, I would now like to bid farewell to acting. I will not be pursuing it as a career because I feel that I cannot balance it with my art, which will always remain my first priority and passion,” she wrote on Instagram.

She also clarified this in a tweet:

This attracted a lot of people to bash her. Her fans even accused the wedding of being the reason for her decision, but she responded to the bashing very humbly. Indeed, a beauty with the brain!

She is a pet lover

She is not just a sight-for-sore-eyes to human; her pets love her too. Diva and Pooshay are definitely her best painting partners. Additionally, they seem too comfortable with her showcasing the strong bond she has developed.

Oh wait, do you know she is expecting? Well, we do not know as well. Naimal Khawar sister, Fiza Khawar, recently got married on 17th February 2020. Naimal’s hot pictures dolled up in a sari bombarded social media. The pose took the fans with the impression that she is expecting.

Well, only time will tell if it’s true or not. Till then, we will let it be a rumor.