Premier Systems' journey towards digital transformation with SAP, TallyMarks

09:31 PM | 13 Jan, 2020
Premier Systems' journey towards digital transformation with SAP, TallyMarks

LAHORE - Premier Systems Pvt. Ltd. (PSL), an industry leading group working since 1993, is set to match the future needs of its customers for both its business units IT (Microsoft, HPi, HPe, Dell-EMC-VMW, Oracle, Juniper, Vertiv, ABB) and automotive industry (Audi) with the implementation of a global technology solution from SAP, an unrivaled data platform through its implementation partner i.e. the TallyMarks Consulting.

The senior management of both entities including Premier Systems CEO Arshad Raza, General Manager Operations Mansoor Sultan, CFO Yasin, TallyMarks Executive Director Sardar Nofel and Managing Director Abdul Haseeb attended the accord signing ceremony.

They were briefed that SAP S/4HANA is a breakthrough technology that accelerates analytics many times faster than traditional tools, giving PSL the ability to instantly generate reports and answer questions as quickly as you can ask them, and it would assist PSL to serve its customer in a better and faster manner.

PSL CEO Arshad Raza said “the implementation of SAP S/4HANA will enable us to have better and faster decision making internally. Our IT and Automotive customers would benefit from increased productivity, responsiveness and transparency”.

TallyMarks Executive Director Sardar Nofel said that the implementation of this world-class SAP solution would benefit PSL and its customers in multiple ways which included better and faster decision-making through fast reporting and enterprise search functions.

“More efficient and empowered employees because they can generate standard, ad hoc, and live reporting and perform what-if analysis without any assistance,” he added.

Managing Director Abdul Haseeb said that SAP Productivity tools use predefined content and multidimensional data sources to analyze data and build reports to explore and investigate real-time data, and response time to customers through all digital and communication channel is significantly reduced.

He said SAP would give PSL transparency and complete visibility in processes.