PM Imran inaugurates NHA’s digitized systems

06:00 PM | 13 Jan, 2021
PM Imran inaugurates NHA’s digitized systems

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday formally inaugurated the e-bidding, e-billing and GIS Mapping system under National Highway Authority (NHA) for good governance, maintaining transparency and ensuring accountability. 

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, he said that the steps will bring modernity and digitalization in the country.

He said that e-bidding will reduce human interaction in awarding contracts of various projects, which will end corruption and bribery in the whole process.

The premier also expressed the resolve to digitize Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) by July this year.

He said Pakistan’s tax collection can be raised by introducing automation and digitization in the FBR.

“We can spend more on human development if we have extra funds,” he added.

Responding to criticism over delay in bringing change in the country, he said that change does not come by pushing a switch but there is a need to change public mind. 

He said elements those are benefitting from the outdated system are obstacles in the way of change. 

The inauguration is reflection of NHA's steps towards E-Governance and highlights special initiatives of the present government to transform the economy and work practices on modern lines under vision of the prime minister for improved service delivery, said a press release.

National Highway Authority has digitized the existing mutual base systems while introducing Smart Technologies at par with International standards aimed at good governance, maintaing transparency and ensuring accountability.