Palestinian actor Maisa Abd Elhadi shot, injured by Israeli police

09:05 PM | 13 May, 2021
Palestinian actor Maisa Abd Elhadi shot, injured by Israeli police

Palestinian actress Maisa Abd Elhadi, who shot to fame with her role in Hulu’s Baghdad Central, was injured after Israeli forces attacked a peaceful protest on Sunday in Haifa.

The 35-year-old Gaza Mon Amour actor explained the whole incident on his Instagram handle while sharing videos the incident that shows blood spilling out of her leg.

Elhadi said that they were holding a demonstration the forceful expulsion of several Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem’s neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah when the Israeli forces attacked them.

She wrote, “I wasn’t sure whether it was a stun grenade or live ammunition, the only thing that was certain is that I was screaming in pain, terrified by the state of my leg, and by the sight of the young boys and girls facing the Israeli forces in the streets all by themselves”.

A picture of the actress, wounded in the back of an ambulance, has gone viral on social media.

She also thanked all those “who helped me and took care of me” and added that she was “alright, but I was injured on my leg.”

Tension rises in the region, after Israel carried out hundreds of air strikes Gaza, leaving 35 Palestinian including children dead on Wednesday.

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