Everthing Seems So Similar: India's identical twin priests administer weddings of twin grooms with twin brides

12:41 PM | 13 Nov, 2015
Everthing Seems So Similar: India's identical twin priests administer weddings of twin grooms with twin brides
NEW DELHI (Web Desk) - In an awkward moment identical twin grooms, Dinker and Dilraaj, have tied knots with two identical sisters Reema and Reena in a ceremony which was also administered by twin priests in Thirusser area of Kerala state in India.

Double take: Brothers Dinker and Dilraj Varikkassery married sisters Reena and Reema in a lavish ceremony overseen by twin priests, who travelled 600km to be at the wedding in Kerala

According to Daily Mail, every thing at the marriage ceremony that took place on November 8 seemed to be quite similar because the flower girls, Ansa and Asna, and page boys, who maintain their identity as  Henri and Hendri, were also twins.

Mirror images: Their wedding was an all twin affair with not only the bride and groom, but flower girls Ansa, Asna and page boys Henry and Hendri specially chosen because they are twins too

Moreover the every twin couple also wore the same dresses and ornaments.

Inseparable: Both sets of twins have been close ever since they were children, dressing similarly, attending the same schools, university and getting jobs at the same company after they graduated

The report further disclosed that Dinker and Dilraj, who even secured same marks in matriculation exam and joined the same profession and then one company, had planned to marry twin sisters as teens and finally they met their fate in the form of twin sisters who work as nurses through a matrimonial portal.

Joy: Then, through a marriage portal, they were introduced to Reema and Reena, twin sisters who had also decided that only a set of twin brothers would be good enough for them

Both girls also studies in the same school, college and got trained as nurses in the same institute and then finally they joined the same firm in Dubai to work.

Delight: Reena told MailOnline of the moment the sisters finally found their future husbands. 'When we saw Dilraj and Dinker we nodded yes to each other' she said

The twin grooms however expressed extreme disappointment over 'only' seven identical twin sets attending their marriage. They are very few, they maintained in an interview.

Twin times: In total, there were seven sets of twins at the ceremony including priests, who travelled 600km from their homes to conduct the ceremony in Thrissur, Kerala State on the west coast

The IT professionals have now established a Facebook group named "All Kerala Identical Twins" which has got 300 members so far.