MADLOCK: The right amount of 'grunge' & 'good looks'-seen 'Killing It' in Pepsi BOB Episode 3

11:53 AM | 14 Aug, 2017
MADLOCK: The right amount of 'grunge' & 'good looks'-seen 'Killing It' in Pepsi BOB Episode 3
Who else agrees that Madlock is literally KILLING it with their covers in Pepsi Battle of the Bands this year?

We, for sure, do.

Band Profile& Their Original 'Arzoo' in the First Episode:

Mehroze Gilani-lead vocalist & guitarist for MADLOCK-has a truly unique voice, with a tinge of RASP (which we are all DYING for here, and finally someone shows up with it, special thanks to the parents) which takes us back to good old Nirvana days, with songs like 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night'.

Totally loving the energy and great vigour the band have to offer, with so much of good looks and LOCKS! 

Here's WHY we LOVE the rasp in Madlock-Kurt Cubain feels:

The rasp is felt, oh yes.

We are really fascinated to see young, Pakistani talent arising from all nooks and corners of Pakistan and getting together in Pepsi BOB, thanks to PEPSI for the wonderful initiative of finding long-overdue underground bands of Pakistan, the FUTURE of music.

Madlock claim to be influenced by the 'grunge era', Alice In Chains, Nirvana and from Pakistan, Noori:

Also, have you noticed how absolutely HOT these three are? No bias here. Take a look yourself:

Awais Ali Jaffrey (Bassist)

Asad Farooq (Drummer)

And ofcourse, the heart-throb himself-Mehroze:

The grunge & the hotness together all amount for some VERY TOUGH TIME for the other bands, everyone is well aware of it. 

Check out their JAW-DROPPING cover of EP's 'Kahan Hai Tu':

Their look, the sound, the music & the right attitude that they possess-altogether are the recipe to success, and we can see a great future in Music for these three!

Hailing from Lahore, this 3-member band is all sorts of crazy: LITERALLY MAD.

We see passion flowing through your veins, MADLOCK. We know it resides.

Here's what half the population had to say about the band:

Our ultimate favourites this season, apart from Kashmir, who were amazing AF in Episode 3, we are all ears for the next round to hear what MORE they have to offer us. We hope it gets better and better!

Here's wishing the trio-Asad Farooq, Awais Ali Jaffrey and Mehroze Gilani the very best for the upcoming episodes. ROCK ON, BOYS!