Tao Lahore: Pan Asian dining at its finest [DP Recommendation of the week]

01:57 PM | 14 Jan, 2017
Tao Lahore: Pan Asian dining at its finest [DP Recommendation of the week]

I recently made a very good choice of trying out this new Pan-Asian cuisine eatery by the name of TAO.

For someone who loves the quiet while having a peaceful afternoon/evening out, to my surprise, it turned out to be quiet unexpectedly greater than I had imagined it to be.


Let's start a little with the translation. TAO is the absolute principle underlying the universe-a path that we all take; an essential route of life. I think I felt all that when I stepped in.


TAO offers contemporary Pan-Asian cuisine, from Sushi to Malay and Japanese, to Thai and Chinese cuisines.

What more could we have asked for, under one roof?

Accompanied with mocktails, this is the perfect afternoon/night out for Pan-Asian food lovers. Best of all, it ACTUALLY tastes great and the ambiance is on point too.


The reservation had been made, and I entered this nice dimly-lit building which led me to the front desk. There was absolutely no miscommunication and the reception person seemed very organised, which speaks miles about a place (especially if you dine out often).

The seclusion (a place not located at the main M.M.Alam road) was the best part about TAO, and all those food-lovers who want to enjoy their food in peace would not differ in opinion about this place either. There's a valet parking area and you don't even have to worry about being able to find parking at all. The management was great, all in all.


Let's start with some DYNAMITE PRAWNS, shall we?

My stomach has started grumbling, yes, they were THAT great.


I would honestly recommend their dynamite prawns if NOTHING ELSE, becuase they were actually made in heaven.

My food isn't complete without a Mint Margherita, so it accompanied my very tasty prawns, and my my, were they cooked to perfection! Not over-cooked, not under-cooked and raw either. Just the right amount of cooking and the delicious sauce on them was the cherry on top.


Done with appetizers, I moved onto the main course. Since I'm a fish-lover, I decided to try to TAMARIND FISH with white rice, while I devoured the last prawn.

The sauce was a little spicy and I seemed to enjoy it, not the usual sweet sauce I had been tasting at all other Pan-Asian Cuisines. This seemed to compliment the crispy fish. Drools!


As I write, my mouth has started to water all over again and I can't wait to eat all this food again, probably some time next week it is then!


My other team member opted for Mongolian Beef and brown rice, with a pink lemonade. Just have a look and see for yourself how delicious it would've been, I'm not even going to say anything.

The kitchens were visited later. I felt like I was walking into a very hygienic place, and from the looks of the chefs, I could tell that they took care of cleanliness in the area.


The vegetables were fresh and soaked in water, the cutting boards and tables were shiny and clean, the waste had been disposed off properly (something I always look for in kitchens to see how much hygiene exists in a particular place), and they had given us a hair-cap to wear when we entered. A+ for the hygiene!


The Thai Cuisine area was later visited. The sound of their water fountain was soothing and the large rectangular tables had been set up properly. I saw a couple of chefs in the Thai area, waiting to serve foodies once they came.


Fish in the water would have been icing on the cake, but I was unable to see any. I was sad at the thought, but happy otherwise to have visited such a nice eatery in town, that I knew nothing about a week from now.


The terrace area was another addition: for those who want to have a smoke and enjoy the winter chills outside, this place was BEAST.


The grass cubicles on the floor were adding a nice pattern to the place, and I was thinking: is there anything this place doesn't have? Even tried the vegetable rolls which were left-overs from their buffet, and they were mouth-watering!


A definite safe haven for the introverts: for those who want some peace, away from the hustle and bustle of Lahore, since the traffic and rushy areas can get pretty annoying at times. TAO is open from 12pm to 4pm, and later from 6pm to 12 pm.

You're welcome, have an awesome journey and enjoy yourself some exceptionally great food!