Top 7 Pakistani reactions to the Panama leaks

06:42 PM | 14 May, 2016
Top 7 Pakistani reactions to the Panama leaks
The Panama leaks have been hailed by many outside Pakistan for uncovering the shady financial dealings of some of the richest and most powerful people in the world.

Never ones to be bogged down in tedious self-reflection, Pakistanis have reacted to the revelations in trademark fashion: with equal parts confusion, anger, conspiracy-mongering and finger-pointing.

So what if the Leaks may not achieve what some had hoped for?! The reaction coming from different quarters has been priceless. Here are the Top 7 reactions to the Panama leaks in Pakistan, because the only good that has ever come out of politics is the entertainment!

1. At first we tried hard to understand what the leaks were all about...

Jaldi bata, bathroom aa rahi hai!

2. Then we reacted with a healthy amount of skepticism

Koi aur kyun nahin pooch raha?! Kya sab bik chukkay hain?!

...And we wondered what kind of a place Panama was

Bach ke rehna, bachoo!

3. Naturally, when we found that Panama was first used by the Americans we asked:

Siyanu Keanu!

4. But it sunk in when we realized how many people had been named

Ab acha rishta kaisay millay ga?!

5. And then came the anger...

Meri kaam walli bataye baghair chutti per challi gayi!

6. ...but when the spotlight focused on our own, we said:

Kaalia, tu bhi puraana paapi nikla...

We still managed to find ways of cheering ourselves up though...

Aur aik dou aur Saville Row ke suits bhi!

7. But we all cooled down after realizing investigations would never get off the ground...

George T.O.R.R Martin