10 most important traits of truly happy couples

02:08 PM | 14 Oct, 2016
10 most important traits of truly happy couples
While there is no honest description of what a 'truly happy couple' is, there are a lot of important factors to keep in mind when deciding if you are working hard enough on your relationship or not.

We tend to forget after a time period that putting in the same amount of effort as in the start is impeccable to a long-lasting relationship, and therefore, we have a list of things you can ponder over to make sure you're in a safe place in your partnership.

Happy couples go to bed at the same time:

Sleeping at the same time is necessary to maintain a relationship. If you have different jobs that require different timings, that is okay. However, making sure that you spend bed time together every now and then keeps you both on the same page.

They find common interests:

Happy couples enjoy doing things together. There is no need to share all the hobbies, as every person is different and that's fine. Whether it's picking out a new restaurant or watching movies together every weekend, find something to do together 'consistently'. Watching series is a good past-time.


They touch often:

Small acts and touches increase closeness and bonding, and if you've been together for years it's easy for the intimacy to fade gradually. When you hold hands walking down the street, it implies to others that you're happy. A little showing off works too, and isn't necessarily a bad thing. After all, you're with the love of your life.

They don't nag each other pointlessly:

Happy couples bring out the positivity in each other, and don't nag pointlessly. Constantly criticizing occurs in a downfall of the relationship. If something bothers you, talk it out and make sure it's fixed.

They say I love you and kiss often:

Even though there's no need to point out or stress over how important this is, we are going to include it in our list. Kissing and sharing your feelings often leads to you appreciating your spouse or lover as your best friend, and the closeness increases.


Life shouldn't become predictable:

Your life as a couple should be a series of spontaneity. You don't want to feel like everything is too scheduled, because that leads to boredom. You should be quick in making date decisions and going for long drives! That's the key to success.

They don't use their phones:

Happy couples put their phones on silent when they're together, and focus on each other. Mindlessly checking Instagram can wait!

They don't forget each other:

It's easy to get caught up in daily life and become busy for each other. However, do little things to keep each other happy. Look at your partner and tell them how grateful you are to be with them, and call or text them as often as you can.


They go out together:

As silly as it sounds, getting dressed up and going out, just the two of you, keeps the romance strong. When you work on keeping the spark alive, you’re making an effort to be happy.

They enjoy each other's company:

Being REAL friends with your other half takes work, we give it that. It's easy to take each other for granted when you've been together for long, but having conversations about your interests, people you know, and talking like a BFF means you're enjoying each others company. Do that often.