Alia Bhatt apologises to sister Shaheen Bhatt

10:08 PM | 14 Oct, 2018
Alia Bhatt apologises to sister Shaheen Bhatt
Actress Alia Bhatt is known for her fun and straightforward personality. A family full of talent proves her sister Shaheen Bhatt who is now coming into the public with her writing skills and talent. Daughter of Mahesh Bhatt penned down her life experiences suffering from depression.

After reading her sisters book ‘I’ve never been (Un) Happier Alia took over to Instagram and apologises to her sister for not noticing the days she had to face all this. Shaheen published this book on World mental health day discussing this issue plaguing people around the globe.

Alia wrote;

“Dear Shaheen... Somehow when I finished reading your book I couldn’t tell you how I felt immediately.. cause i felt too much.. and I don’t think I could ever discuss it with you properly, I tried now! #NeverBeenUnhappier.”

In a series of videos posted on her Instagram Alia shared her memories with elder sister Shaheen talking about how her brown sparkling eyes would make her day after a long day at work. Further telling how she failed to understand her silent moments of depression living with her. She ends the video by apologizing to her for not understanding her emotions enough.