Muneeb Butt is concerned about his daughter’s safety in Pakistan

11:24 AM | 14 Sep, 2020
Muneeb Butt is concerned about his daughter’s safety in Pakistan

The petrifying gang rape of a woman driving on the Lahore motorway has shaken Pakistanis to the core. 

The public and numerous celebrities have raised their voice for the safety of women in this country and want to see accountability carried out so that justice is served.

Actor Muneeb Butt has also pointed a serious concern through his latest Instagram post following the atrocious incident among the several other cases that have surfaced.

The growing rape cases have instilled fear in the hearts of many and as a father, Butt is concerned for his daughter, Amal’s safety.

"Har roz uth kar apni beti ko dekhta hun. muhabbat se itmenaan se, behad pyaar se. (Each morning I look at my daughter with immense love and patience),” he shared.

He continued, “Lekin ab us men behad khof bhi shaamil hogaya hai. Sochta hun kya ye khof hamesha rahega? (But now immense fear has also lurked its way in. I wonder if this fear will always stay with me?)”

The actor’s post was accompanied by the trending hashtag #hangtherapists.

Protests have erupted in cities across Pakistan as the people are furious with authorities for being involved in insensitive victim-blaming, instead of providing justice. 

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