'Rockstar' Rakhi Sawant gets Ranveer Singh’s name tattooed on her chest

11:59 AM | 15 Feb, 2019
'Rockstar' Rakhi Sawant gets Ranveer Singh’s name tattooed on her chest
MUMBAI - Bollywood controversy qeen Rakhi Sawant is back in the news for getting a tattoo with Ranveer Singh's name on her chest. Yes, you read that right! The bold star celebrated Valentine’s Day in a tattoo parlor and showed her love for Gully Boy.

We are not sure if the tattoo is permanent or fake but we cannot deny that Rakhi knows how to create buzz and waves within no time. Rakhi took the step after the newly married Ranveer Singh called her a 'Rockstar' during a promotion interview.

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When the host named Rakhi Sawant, Ranveer begged to differ and said, “Rakhi is a Rockstar! Rakhi, I love you!” Ranveer, you really are a gem of a person. As a reply to Ranveer's comments, Rakhi took it to Instagram to post a declaration of love for Deepika's husband.

In the hilarious video, she went onto say she was crazy about the actor and apologized to Deepika Padukone.

Here is the video:


Instagram users could not stop themselves from commenting. Most of the people were in doubt whether the tattoo is real or just a publicity stunt while some praised the star for taking a big step.


Many users also tagged Deepika Padukone and her husband so they get to know about Rakhi's special act for Ranveer on Valentine's day.

Rakhi is known as the drama queen for her controversial statements. Lately, she made headlines when she accused actress Tanushree Dutta of being a lesbian and raping her.

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Not only this, but she also filed a defamation case against her for an unbelievable amount of 25 paise.

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A couple of weeks back, Rakhi announced her wedding with Deepak Kalal on social media. In fact, the man also shared Rakhi’s ‘Certificate of Virginity’. It read, “Certificate of Virginity (From Front and Back) presented to Rakhi Sawant for outstanding celibacy. 28 November – present”.

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Live life the way you want to and we love you for that Rakhi Jee! 

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