Aurat March will be held today

12:09 PM | 8 Mar, 2019
Aurat March will be held today
LAHORE -  The Aurat March 2019 is set to take place in all major cities of Pakistan today (Friday). The primary Aurat March 2019 event will commence at 3:30PM in Karachi at the famed Frere Hall. The main rally will be held at Abdullah Haroon Road.

It is scheduled to conclude at 6:30PM.

Apart from Karachi, various other groups of civil rights activists will be participating in Aurat Marches in Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Peshawar, and Mardan.

Fellow ladies, till the time you do not support the cause, there are high chances the cause would be lost under all the comments and chaos. So head to the rally and be the women that you are!

If rights to women were not compromised and meddled with then women would not have to resort to the much-needed measures that they are finally resorting to. While many are praising the courage of our ladies who have spoken up, the rest are feeling confused and unprepared to accept the request of revolution related to the rights of females in our country. Earlier we had actresses like Sanam Saeed and Aamina Sheikh present contradictory statements about feminism.