Saad Rafique labels Panama papers ‘foreign sponsored conspiracy’

03:33 PM | 15 Jul, 2017
Saad Rafique labels Panama papers ‘foreign sponsored conspiracy’
ISLAMABAD - Political firebrand and senior member of ruling Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz dubbed Panama Papers a “foreign sponsored conspiracy” targeting Pakistan.

Talking to newsmen, here on Saturday the politician claimed that the explosive report by the six-member Panama case Joint Investigation Team (JIT) will be challenged in the apex court adding that he has advised the party leadership to avail constitutional protection.

Regarding a question as to when will the first family move apex court to challenge the report, the minister expressed ignorance.

The legislator maintained that many people in this world do not want to see a powerful Pakistan.

'Those who compare atomic power Pakistan to Iceland are foolish,' he remarked referring to the prime minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson who tendered resignation in the wake of Panama papers.

“We are ready to fight [this] legal and political war. This kind of war will benefit no one,” he lamented, adding that the government was focusing on progress but its political rivals were dragging Pakistan backwards.

The lawmaker observed that methods such as rigging allegations, dharna 1 and dharna 2 were used to waste time.

“It would have been better if political parties had instead focused on performance to get ahead,” he continued.

Sharifs prepare draft petition to challenge ... 01:35 PM | 15 Jul, 2017

ISLAMABAD - The embattled Sharif family currently embroiled in Panama papers has finalised its draft petition to ...

It bears mentioning that according to unconfirmed reports, the Sharif family has prepared a draft petition to challenge the damning report of high-powered inquiry panel in the supreme court.

The apex court would resume hearing the landmark case on Monday, July 17.