Sanam Saeed raises voice against the irrational ban on Shamoon Abbasi's ‘Durj'

01:03 PM | 15 Oct, 2019
Sanam Saeed raises voice against the irrational ban on Shamoon Abbasi's ‘Durj'

LAHORE- Pakistani acclaimed actor Shamoon Abbasi’s upcoming movie Durj, which made it to the 72nd edition of Cannes Film Festival this year, has been banned in the country due to some unrevealed reason.

According to details, the film was scheduled to release on October 11 across the world and on October 18 in Pakistan, however, all the censor boards have banned the movie. The film is based on true events from around the world, depicting cannibalism.

Besides the cast and crew of this film, actress Sanam Saeed is not happy with censor board's decision.

Taking to Twitter, the Cake actor questioned why movies like Durj get banned in Pakistan when Hollywood movies with much more explicit content are being screened in Pakistan.

“Why are films like #Durj Banned. If Hollywood films with all their sexual innuendos and violence and dark topics can play in our cinemas then why can't our independent out of the box films like Durj be played??" she wrote.

Earlier, producer and lead actor of ‘Druj', Shamoon, said that there's personal agenda on banning the film in the region as it doesn't involve any channel or sponsors.

“We are working on it and trying our best, we are requesting the authorities for another review, and if they find anything unsuitable, we can remove it as per their request, but a complete ban has broken many hearts and we can see that,” he added.


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