Urwa Hocane supports students who were expelled after public proposal

10:54 PM | 16 Mar, 2021
Urwa Hocane supports students who were expelled after public proposal

KARACHI – Pakistani actress Urwa Hocane is the latest celebrity to come in the support of the University of Lahore’s lovebirds expelled days ago over their viral public proposal video.

The Na Maloom Afraad actor took to social media to express her concerns, stating love is just one step towards healing.

“In a broken world that we live in today, expressing a little Love is just one step towards healing. I commend the students of Lahore University for the courage. May we all Love Louder!”

“I wish & hope to see such extreme & quick actions to fix the real social issues around us!” she added while hinting at harassment cases in the country.

Earlier, leading celebrities and political leaders including Yasir Hussain, Mira Sethi, Sharmila Farooqi and Fawad Chaudhary condemned the expulsion of students for expressing their love on the premises of the university here the last week.

The viral video, which has sparked debate on social media, shows a young woman bending down on one knee and handing red roses to a young man. In response, the man named Shehryar pulled Hadiqa in for a hug.

The crowd surrounding the couple cheered them on but the management of the varsity found it against the code of conduct.

The University of Lahore later issued an expulsion letter to the duo, a move that has divided the social media users with some supporting the expulsion and others condemning it.

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