US forces leave key Afghanistan military base

05:22 PM | 16 May, 2021
US forces leave key Afghanistan military base

KABUL – The United States has completed its withdrawal from Kandahar Airfield in southern Afghanistan, which is the second largest military base in the country for American forces.

A spokesperson of the Afghan Army in Kandahar said it was also the centre of the biggest drone operation by US Special Forces in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the Afghan Defence Ministry announced that it has taken control of Camp Morehead, a US base in Kabul where American troops trained the Afghan military.

US forces did not hold a handover ceremony at the base, which housed an estimated 30,000 troops and contractors at the height of the war. 

The US plans to fully withdraw its 2,500-3,500 service members from Afghanistan by Sept. 11. On Monday, US Central Command said the withdrawal was 6-12% complete.

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