Punjab bans Kabaddi in schools after student's death during ‘face-slapping’ game

08:25 PM | 17 Apr, 2018
Punjab bans Kabaddi in schools after student's death during ‘face-slapping’ game
LAHORE - The government in Pakistan’s most populous province has placed a ban on Kabaddi and other activities which may lead to “dangerous incidents” on school premises, according to authorities.

In a notification issued by the Punjab chief minister’s monitoring force for school education department, the provincial authority informed school administration that “all such activities and games which may cause serious incidents are totally banned”.

The notification further binds the recess in-charge to keep an eye to avoid such incident in future. The head of the institution should “direct all teachers to guide the students to avoid such activities”, it further read.

The announcement has been made following the death of a child in Khanewal earlier this month.

Bilal, a sixth grade student at Government High School Khanewal 115/15-L started a game of ‘thappar-kabaddi’ (face-slapping) with his class fellow Amir during recess time. However, an apparent harmless game turned deadly when Bilal was knocked down to the ground in a matter of seconds and failed to recover from the fatal blow from his friend.

A video footage, circulating on social media, shows the child falling down to the ground after losing his conscious soon after his opponent pounded him with powerful slaps.

The child’s body was later sent home 45 minutes after his tragic death.