Are you MIDDLE CLASS? These traits will reveal your true identity

11:52 AM | 17 Jan, 2017
Are you MIDDLE CLASS? These traits will reveal your true identity
Being part of middle class doesn't make you stop thinking 'LIKE A BOSS'. You might be considered as middle class if you aren't exactly poor, but not too rich either.

Life is too short to think of these class rules, but just for fun we have a few traits to keep you in check (whether you need to hold onto that money you earned last week or not)! Let's do this:

The studies revealed that middle class is shrinking and fading its existence as there will be only two groups that will apart people, rich and Poor. This means that you are going to be less likely to be considered as Middle class. You will either be poor or rich. Find these interesting facts which you might have experienced or still while been in this group.

You are Comfortable


Though, you might not have that rich but still you breathe in comfort as you don’t need to meet all such formalities in your life. Rich people have a rich social circle and choose wisely, while middle class has both. Your job is 'safe', which makes you comfortable, while business is always in risk and turns you uncomfortable.

NOTE: Little risks are helpful to build wealth and achieve higher results.

You Work to Earn


This is a common distinction between rich and middle class. Middle class works to earn while Rich works to learn. Middle class pursues the jobs where they get good salary offer while rich does work to learn especially in early years to learn and adopt the traits of becoming successful and rich.

You Save your Money


Well, one should save for a rainy day. We all have that sentence learned in our schools which are actually a 'FACT'. Saving is important, investing is something more important but 'EARNING' is the foundation of both. You hesitate to take financial risks in your life due to limited monetary approach. You might act as 'Emotional Chick' when it comes to money while rich thinks logical.

You have the same list of grocery Items...

You might have kept the old grocery list with you to make certain that which items you are going to buy. You are so used to of the racks of the items, that you hardly take an hour to gather your whole grocery. You often lift that branded cookies pack, see its price and put that again in its place.

You try to cook expensive food in your home and give it weird names...


You might have pretended to be 'MASTER CHEF' and tried unique yet expensive food in your home.

You love Window Shopping...


Window shopping has always been a wonderful experience as you came to know different and new stock in the stores. You find these experiences joyful and mostly hang out with the friends even in your limited financial status. If you belong to middle class, you often prefer label over designer wear.

These traits of being in Middle class has randomly selected, there would be no or more than these features.

Keep note of it:

Whoever you are, whatever you belong to, it doesn’t matter which of these traits you possess: YOU are the best kind of your own, and there's no one like you!