Naqeebullah's father eyes Army to get justice for his son

09:02 PM | 17 Jan, 2019
Naqeebullah's father eyes Army to get justice for his son
ISLAMABAD – Muhammad Khan, the father of Naqeebullah Mehsud, and the Waziristan youth who was gunned down in an alleged fake police encounter, Thursday condemned the anti-Army and anti-Pakistan sloganeering.

He rejected slogans such as ‘Dahshatgardi key pechay wardi hay’ (uniform is behind the terrorism) and ‘Lerr-o-Barr’ and said that no one would be allowed to do politics in the name of his son.

“Propaganda against Pakistan Army should end at once. Anyone who talks against Pakistan Army in fact talks against the country and that cannot be allowed,” Khan said in a video statement.

He said ‘Pashtoons’ were part of Pakistan and Army was also their guardian. He said he had no doubt on the sincerity of anyone and was sure that the assurances given by Prime Minister, Chief Justice and Chief of Army Staff to get justice for Naqeebullah would be fulfilled. “Everyone wants justice and is cooperating in Naqeebullah’s case. I am hopeful that I will get justice for my son through Pakistan Army. During the past year, I have seen several positive outcomes in his case.

He said Pakistan Army was fully alert and it had not only exposed external terrorists but flushed them out. “Pakistan Army has restored peace in our area by eliminating terrorists. If the nation will stand behind it (Pakistan Army) then no power of the world can compete it,” he said.

“This is a legal matter now. The anti-terrorist court rejected the plea bails of culprits and sent them to jail. The nation should be patient and wait a little bit more. I am sure soon the case will reach to its logical end,” he maintained.

Muhammad Khan said that he had not allowed anyone to raise funds in the name of his son.  He said anyone using Naqeebullah’s name for personal motives would himself be responsible for his actions.  “If someone is trying to get mileage out of this case he is not with us as such an approach will push the real issue behind,” he said adding that one should only convey his voice to the high-ups while living within the limits of law and constitution.

He said Pakistan Army had undertaken several uplifts works in his area including the establishment of the market, construction of schools and providing security to the children. “We should not talk about regionalism. Our all areas are part of Pakistan,” he said.

Chief of Army Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa had met Naqeebullah’s father in April, last year and had assured full cooperation of Pakistan Army to get justice in Najibullah's case.