Shaan-e-Pakistan announces SEPMA Music Achievements 2020 to be Digital

03:21 PM | 17 Jun, 2020
Shaan-e-Pakistan announces SEPMA Music Achievements 2020 to be Digital
Shaan-e-Pakistan announces SEPMA Music Achievements 2020 to be Digital
Shaan-e-Pakistan announces SEPMA Music Achievements 2020 to be Digital

KARACHI -  Shaan-e-Pakistan announces the second edition of the Shaan-e-Pakistan Music Achievements Awards (SEPMA) to go online due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. The digital event, led by Huma Nassr will be both national and international by bringing together musicians of all genres, providing them with opportunities to be heard on a global scale.

SEPMA 2020 is a culmination of various performances that will portray the essence of the Pakistani music scene from July to September 2020.

The 2020 SEPMA Digital Show will consist of:

  • SEPMA Drum Circle Announcement
  • SEPMA Digital Summit 
  • SEPMA Award Trophy Reveal and Tarana Digital Launch 
  • SEPMA 2020 Awards Ceremony

SEPMA 2020 aims to do the same as its previous year, bringing together the Pakistan music fraternity, while celebrating singers and musicians from part of the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event will continue as planned but will be hosted digitally for the foreseeable future. On-ground events are put on hold, and the SEPMA team has re-strategize the award show to be an immersive, entertaining, accessible digital event. SEPMA’s aim and purpose are to highlight South Asian ensembles as well as to bring together musicians, illustrators, and singers to bring to light the plethora of talent that Pakistan hosts; nationally and internationally. 

Huma Nassr, the brainchild of SEPMA voiced her concerns with the current world situation in mind.  She stated, “A major concern for my team and I was the safety and responsibility that comes with initiating the process of the show in these COVID times; hence our decision to take it all online.”

The events, both online and on-ground, would not be possible without the immense support of Irfan Pardesi, CEO Zee Foundation who has been the main promoter of the event in the previous editions and recognizes Nassr’s vision. Among the main strategic partners supporting Shaan-e-Pakistan with gusto are Malka Foods and HEMANI, Poet Amir Qureshi, NOVA Color, Social Squad headed by CEO Fahd and Aisha, Koel Gallery by Noorjehan and Aqeel Bilgrami, Ahsan Khaliq - CEO of Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm and Umer Hussein - Owner of Sweet Tooth.

All suggestions and portfolios for possible nominations to be sent to by 1st August 2020. 

For commercial information and sponsorship packages please send emails to

About Shaan-e-Pakistan and SEPMA

Shaan-e-Pakistan has emerged as an anticipatory event that aims to bring together musicians and artists from all over Pakistan. It is a cultural amalgamation and collaboration of music, fashion, and culture, celebrating emerging talent by giving them a platform and showcasing Pakistan in a positive light. Shaan-e-Pakistan Fashion editions have successfully held 5 events in previous years

SEPMA aims to celebrate the music, fashion, and cultures of Pakistan by recognizing talents and bringing them to the forefront in South Asia. The event promises to be a game-changer for all who have made their mark in music. 

SEPMA 2019 took place in Lahore in March 2019. That opened with a music summit at Shahi Qila, Lahore, followed by a celebration of musical achievements. Attended by Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar as well as some of the biggest celebrities, designers, politicians, musicians, and socialites.

About Huma Nassr

Shaan-e-Pakistan Music Achievements is the brainchild of entrepreneur Huma Nassr, who envisions to elevate the musicians and try to do justice to their hard work and dedication throughout the year by acknowledging their achievements via a high profile and credible SEPMA Jury and Panel. She aims to prosper through the propagation of ideas and creations in the field of Music.

Shaan-e-Pakistan presenting SEPMA 2020 will be devoted to celebrating and recognizing music and bringing some of the most talented music maestros under one platform, as it has been successfully delivering great performances and accolades in SEPMA 2019 and succeeded beyond all expectations despite its own set of challenges.

“SEPMA 2019 covered the discussion, celebration, and recognition of music by the legends and came with many hurdles as it had across border talent because, at Shaan-e-Pakistan, we believe that music truly has no boundaries. Music is the only channel, after Sports that creates avenues for many people in Pakistan. We produced quality content as our mixtape volume of SEPMA 2019 and plan to highlight some interesting genres this season. I aim to be as creative as possible and deliver beyond expectation relying mainly upon the full support of my Jury, Team, and everyone involved in the process.”

Understanding the global crisis, the visionary Huma Nasr shared her views on their re-strategized approach towards SEPMA 2020, Nasr fervently instills her vision to enhance, unite and highlight the true talent under this collaborative platform, which is all about taking pride in our country. “In the end, I, as the CEO of Shaan-e-Pakistan and a citizen of this country, request you to support the music of Pakistan because #MyPakistan #YourPakistan #OurPakistan #Shaan-e-Pakistan”