Adnan Sami calls for 'getting up' to respect Indian national anthem

01:31 PM | 26 Oct, 2017
Adnan Sami calls for 'getting up' to respect Indian national anthem
NEW DELHI - Famous Pakistani-turned-Indian singer Adnan Sami called for respecting the national anthem by standing up from the seats as a sign to show respect.

Sami, who now resides in India after securing Indian citizenship, took to Twitter on Wednesday and stated that there should be no debate about whether to stand up or not for the national anthem playing in the cinema before any film.

Although Adnan's tweet did not refer to any particular states' anthem, however, a direct connection of his expression can be linked with India as the tweet came days after the Indian Supreme Court declared that 'people do not need to stand up at a cinema hall to be perceived as patriotic'.

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Sami further stated that the national anthem should be respected from the heart and not from the sleeve.

The 'sleeve' term was a direct reference to the Supreme Court order that declared 'We don't have to wear patriotism on our sleeve'.

Apart from the tweet, Sami also reiterated his stance in a television interview stating that those who are sick can avoid getting up, but others should get up for mere 52 seconds.

The 'Kabhi to Nazar Milao' singer detailed that it took 17 years for him to get the citizenship and so he valued every part of it.

Sami's admiration for the national anthem received a rousing welcome and retweets by social media buffs from India who lavished praise on the Pakistani-born maestro.