Indian numerologist comes up with a ‘cure’ for coronavirus

09:56 PM | 17 May, 2021
Indian numerologist comes up with a ‘cure’ for coronavirus

At a time when scientists all over the world are struggling to contain coronavirus, an Indian numerologist believes he can rid the world of this pandemic with the help of bad spelling.

SV Annandd Rao believes that spelling “covid” and “corona” the wrong way can cure not only his home district, but the entire world of the coronavirus pandemic.

A stenographer and numerology hobbyist based in Ananthapuram in the Andrash Pradesh state in India, Rao says the numbers corresponding to the letters in the current spelling of these words add up to a very dangerous number, which will bring the world to its knees. “But if we could change that terrible number to something beneficial, by simply adding some letters, all will be well…,” he believes.

Rao told a popular Indian newspaper, “The existing name ‘Corona’ adds up to a dangerous number, causing unimaginable devastation to the entire world.” He added, “If we fill the spelling with divine power it will create an aura leading to the complete disappearance of the virus. Similar benefits can be achieved by changing the spelling of Covid-19 to ‘Covviyd-19’.”

In an effort to rid the world of the pandemic, Rao, who practices numerology as a hobby and has added an extra ‘n’ and ‘d’ to his name for good luck, has set up a banner asking people to use the changed spelling.

“If u use the changed spelling of CARONAA and COVVIYD-19 by affixing the same to either door or in public places or by tying the banner in all public places, CARONAA will be disappeared from not only from Ananthapuram dist. but also from the world,” the banner reads. “This is guarantee as it is divine power as per NUMEROLOGY.”