These 5 mouth-watering Lahori roadside foods are hard to resist!

01:39 PM | 17 Nov, 2018
These 5 mouth-watering Lahori roadside foods are hard to resist!
LAHORE - Lahore and its people are known for their love of food. Whether its summers or foggy winters, the city’s streets are filled with vendors offering something or the other to satisfy your urge to munch.

As the winter season is approaching, there’s nothing like warm, delicious roadside snacks to help you get on with your day during those freezing cold days.

Below is the list of 5 roadside snacks we think will keep you warm during these winters.

Roasted sweet potato: Lahore’s winters are nothing without shakarqandi. Sweet potatoes roasted, peeled and cubed, served with chaat masala and sprinkled with lime juice are offered across Lahore throughout the winters. It is delicious and easy to buy too.

Grilled corn: At times, in the cold of Lahore all you really need is grilled corn. Nothing tastes like a warm salty grilled corn, sprinkled generously with some chaat masala and lemon. It’s tasty, filling, easily available and easy to buy.

Soup: Roadside hawkers in Lahore serve soups, aka yakhni, along with fry eggs or boiled eggs, which apart from being nutritional, are also packed with amazing desi flavors.

Food Street at Old Anarkali is one such place packed with vendors that will give you the much-needed warmth during these winters.

Halwa: As for warm desserts, nothing can beat the sizzling gaajar ka halwa, daal ka halwa cooked in desi ghee that. Garnished with almonds and pistachios, these warm sweet treats are a must have for those Lahori winter evenings.

Samosa chaat: Those foggy, rainy winters in Lahore are nothing but a waste if not for a samosa chaat topped with sweet and savory chutneys. Filled with potatoes and served with chickpeas, yogurt and topped with a dash of onion and lettuce. yummy!!!

Happy Winters!