SCO Summit – PM Imran urges world to ensure peace in Afghanistan

02:00 PM | 17 Sep, 2021
SCO Summit – PM Imran urges world to ensure peace in Afghanistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday urged the international community to recognise the reality in Afghanistan.

The prime minister made these remarks at the 20th Shanghai Cooperation Organization Council of Heads of State (SCO-CHS) Summit in Tajikistan’s capital.

Imran said this should include enhanced engagement to address our common concerns, steps to provide humanitarian support and ensure economic stability and measures to enable Afghanistan to become a reliable partner in peace and prosperity.

The prime minister also urged the international community to ensure there is no renewed conflict in Afghanistan and the security situation is stabilised there. This is a moment to stand by the Afghan people firmly and unequivocally. He said there is a rare opportunity to finally end the 40 years of war in Afghanistan and this moment should not be squandered.

Warning against the mischievous propaganda on the part of spoilers, Imran Khan said this will only serve to undermine the prospects for peace.

He said the Taliban must fulfill the pledges especially for an inclusive political structure. He said it is important to ensure respect for the rights of all Afghans, and that Afghanistan is never again a safe haven for terrorists.

“Pakistan has an abiding interest in a peaceful and stable Afghanistan. Sustainable peace and stability in Afghanistan will also help us realize our vision of an inter-connected, prosperous and economically vibrant region,” he added.

The prime minister called for implementing the UN Security Council resolutions for peaceful settlement of outstanding disputes. He said unilateral and illegal measures to change the status of disputed territories in violation of Security Council resolutions run counter to this objective. He said such measures must be condemned and opposed firmly for being in violation of the SCO Charter and its well-established principles of inter-state relations.

As regards COVID-19, the Prime Minister stressed for strengthening collective endeavours to mitigate the adverse economic impact of the pandemic.

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