Sakina Samo comes out in support of Saba Qamar after ‘Qabool’ controversy

12:56 PM | 18 Aug, 2020
Sakina Samo comes out in support of Saba Qamar after ‘Qabool’ controversy

Actor Saba Qamar and singer Bilal Saeed have received a lot of heat for filming their latest music video 'Qabool' at Wazir Khan Mosque.

Recently, the two had been booked under Section 295 of the Pakistan Penal Code for hurting public sentiments with their ‘offensive’ actions.

However, not everyone is out there to stand against the talented duo.

Veteran actress, Sakina Samo has come out in support of Saba Qamar, after the case was registered against her.

Samo took to Instagram to lend her support to Saba. “To @sabaqamarzaman with love. In solidarity with Saba, with great sadness I say. This is utterly wrong. She’s a fine artist and a kind person. She doesn’t do anything bad to anybody. She’s happy in her world,” she wrote.

Samo continued, “I think it’s totally unfair to her and an insult to her talent. Things are greatly exaggerated. I believe her good intentions therefore I support her.”

She also requested fellow actors to come together and raise their voice for Qamar, saying, “Actor community should stand by her. If we don’t today then tomorrow it can be anybody’s turn. So beware my fellow actors.”

On August 15, Qamar and Saeed were granted interim bail by Lahore’s session court.

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