Seed Out has made donations process even easier!

04:41 PM | 18 Feb, 2016
Seed Out has made donations process even easier!
“We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone”

Ronald Regan

Giving out money for a noble cause always improves your sense of well being. We spend large amount of our hard earned money on dinning out, shopping, buying expensive cars and on exotic luxurious tours, but what if we donate some amount of this money to somebody who does not have a platform to execute his/ her interest.

Seed Out is a nonprofit organization working to alleviate poverty and is the world’s 1st interest frees Crowd funding platform where Donors from all around the globe can connect with poor but Potential Micro Entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

Seed Out has recently joined hands with one of the leading telecommunication companies in Pakistan, Telenor. Seed Out has made it all very easy for anyone who wants to donate and help poor people rise to a level where they can have their own set up installed and become an entrepreneur at a micro level. One can easily donate now through Telenor EasyPay Seed Out has joined hands with Telenor Easy Pay. Now you can donate via EasyPay, master card, Visa card, PayPal.

Seed Out is providing transperancy on the usage of donations by not giving first hand cash to the borrowers. In fact Seed out help the micro entrepreneur in setting up the business plan. They execute the whole program for the borrower so that money is used in the right way and for the actual purpose. Seed Out has integrated interest free Micro financing with Crowd funding platform to alleviate poverty in Pakistan. Seed Out helps connect potential entrepreneurs who are most commonly indigenous to the rural areas of Punjab to potential angel investors who would be able to help them achieve their goal of starting their enterprise. Seed Out do more than just give the deserving people the money, it helps these people to start their enterprise and get their business off the ground by helping provide them with appropriate training and guidance through a mentor to help put these people on the right track towards a better future.

Zain is the brains of Seed Out, a true patriot and philanthropist who is working hard to bring out people who have no access to social media outlets or have no reach to crowd funding for their ventrures. Zain has the true genes of a businessman and have many more achievements in hand. He is a young Pakistani with a heart for poor people and passion to make Pakistan sustainable globally.


While talking to Daily Pakistan, Zain Ashraf-President and Founder at Seed Out said, “The Money coming back to us from our borrowers is being invested into some other potential micro entrepreneurs. We at Seed out are striving hard to build a sustainable Pakistan. We don’t give our borrowers hard cash instead we execute the business for them. Making sure the money is put into the right usage. It’s just been a week that Seed Out collaborated with Telenor. It was a move made to make the donation process much easier for everyone.

At Seed Out, you can reach out to people easily and support them on fiscal issues with a quicker, easier and benefiting way that could diminish poverty globally and create sustainability. Seed out has succseefully raised 100+ entrepreneurs, impacted 500 lives and sent 200 kids to school.

Being a Muslim it’s our religious responsibility to distribute 2.5% of our assets to the deprived in the form of Zakkat. So everyone should step forward and make serious efforts to eliminate poverty.

To donate to Seed Out, follow to the link below