Saboor Aly sheds light on the beauty standards of entertainment industry

02:50 PM | 18 Jan, 2021
Saboor Aly sheds light on the beauty standards of entertainment industry

The obsession with milky tones has been a widespread issue in the subcontinent, and now this malady is deep-rooted in our society as well. Stars often complain about the discrimination they face due to their brown complexion in the world of glitz and glamour, and this time Saboor Aly gets candid about the  'gora' complex.

The 30-year-old star revealed that an actress with fair complexion gets more opportunities, while the struggle of people with darker skin tone is quite long.

“Some media agencies cast you on the basis of fair complexion even if you are not capable enough for your role. People are doing big projects just because of their fair skin when the role could have been done in a lot better way by someone competent enough,” Saboor stated.

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“This is how beauty whitening injections are sold, it is sad that we still have gora culture, and I don’t know when will it stop,” she added.

The Fitrat star concluded with “I don’t know till when these beauty standards will be a part of our lives. I have seen some actors who don’t know how to act properly but they are performing because of their fair complexion. There are many others who can do better than them but because of their complexion, they are leading. It’s a very bad thing.”

Here is the video of Saboor Aly's interview:

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