Amna Ilyas is disappointed at fellow celebs for promoting whitening creams

11:01 AM | 7 Oct, 2020

In our society, fair skin has always been considered superior, something to strive and attain for, while darker skin is degraded and shamed.

The obsession with fairness is widespread across South Asia, an unfavourable remnant of our colonial past. Every third commercial on tv provokes the desi viewer to feel more uncomfortable in his or her skin tone, advertisements for 'whitewashing' products silently breed low self-esteem in large batches.

While the “gora craze” plagues our society in general, celebs should know better than to endorse fairness creams.

Amongst few other celebs, supermodel Amna Ilyas has always been a vocal advocate of banning fairness creams. 

In a recent tweet, the model expressed her disappointment at fellow celebs who are still endorsing fairness creams.

“My fellow colleagues inthe industry,time fr promoting fairness creams fr the sake of money n greed has long passed,” wrote Amma.

The model has never shied away from owning her natural bronzed skin and proved how you don’t need a lighter complexion to have the world at your feet.

Amna stressed upon the fact that celebrities need to use their influence and platforms to send out the correct messages. 

She further added,”Our influence as public figures is meant to make othrs feel beautiful,not less beautiful. Shame on evryone,who still subscribes tothis way of thinking! #endcolourism”

This is isn’t the first time that Amna has shared her stance on colorism. The ‘Baaji’ actor has always encouraged women to break away from dangerously unrealistic beauty standards and embrace themselves as who they are.

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