Best anti-aging foods to look younger

09:47 PM | 18 May, 2021
Best anti-aging foods to look younger

Beautiful, glowing skin can be achieved with the food we intake and with the advancement in the world of medical science and the discovery of anti-ageing foods, it is no longer a wonder that humans can delay the process of ageing and look youthful. Good habits and proper nutrition can help you look healthier and, consequently, younger and here is the list of some of the food items:

Chicken Soup

Topping the list, chicken soup is an absolute winner that not only has medical benefits but is the secret to have healthy skin. The soup not only assists in recovering from colds but also exerts an anti-inflammatory effect on the respiratory system. While the taste might be too bland for spice lovers, the soup definitely has many benefits to its credit.


One of the most common spices used in desi household is Tumeric. While the ingredient is considered to be an exquisite spice all around the globe, it does wonders to the skin and is famous in herbal treatments. Moreover, it helps to prevent skin damage caused by ageing and sun exposure.

Red grapes

Red grapes are also magic ingredients that contain resveratrol which is essentially an anti-inflammatory substance that helps maintain the overall texture of the skin. Further, the grapes also facilitate to repair skin damage caused by UV radiation.


Lemons are especially recommended for people who have dull skin. Since it contains vitamin C, it contributes to the production of collagen and is super rich in antioxidants. 


Pomegranate also makes its way to the list considering it contains strong antioxidants. Being a fruit, the routine intake of pomegranate is not hazardous and protects the skin from sun damage.


Latest research has proved that a cup of guava has four times more vitamin C than the amount you need in a day. Vitamin C is the ultimate magic ingredient that facilitates giving a fresh glowy look to the skin.


In the plethora of green leafy vegetable, spinach is definitely an all-rounder since it contains nutrients which are very important for muscles. Moreover, the veggies are also rich in magnesium.


Apple contains pectin which is essentially a healthy fibre that can help prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in blood vessels. Apart from the famous saying that an apple a day keeps a doctor away, the fruit has a burgeoning list of benefits to its credit.