PICS: Antique style historic book on Kaaba released in Lahore

01:28 PM | 19 Jul, 2019
PICS: Antique style historic book on Kaaba released in Lahore

LAHORE - An historic, calligraphic, artful and knowledgeable work on "Holy Kaaba - Al-Haram Al-Sharif (The Old)" with the title of "Kaaba tul Musharafa Majmu AlWah الکعبة المشرفة مجموعة الواح" has been released by the Lahore-based historian, researcher, author and senior architect Naseem Ahmed bin Haji Karamuddin.

It took him 20 years to make this amazing collection of hand made manuscripts. "The book is in giant size, prepared and compiled with the finest available paper," said Naseem Ahmed.

The handmade black ornate hard copy of the book is in the Urdu language with Arabic text highlights, sketches, vintage photos and illustrations to scale with artful narrations consisting of 115 handmade plates/sketches/calligraphy/artful manuscripts on fine art paper with some rare photographs of historic and religious significance to the Muslim world.

"Never in the history has such a detailed artful, calligraphic description of the Kaaba’s development and construction been presented stage-wise with pictorial illustrations, " he maintained.

Mr Naseem believed that such a book has never been made in history and its an asset for the Muslim world and Ummah. "It is an exclusively antique-styled historic research work and my effortful lifetime achievement that needs attention and recognition by the authorities and the institutions not only in Pakistan but worldwide," the senior architect added.

Two of his significant books "Hijaz Railway, Usmani Turk aur Sharif e Makkah" and "Baitullah Kaaba Sharif" were successfully published and widely appreciated in the past.

The author can be reached at for more details about his book.