Ufone makes us realize that kindness costs nothing

07:44 PM | 19 Jul, 2020
Ufone makes us realize that kindness costs nothing

Law enforcement agencies especially the police have played a crucial role in the battle against Coronavirus. They are deployed in lockdown areas to ensure people comply with the rules & regulations, however, we fail to realize that these brave on duty officers also face the greatest risks.

These officers work under unfavorable and difficult situations. They have no shade available and are forced to stand in the heat without any form of shelter or even water. The lack of adequate resources has made their duty tough yet they continue to help as many people as possible.

Imagine standing on the main road when the temperature is close to 40 degrees, without any water and food. We cannot even fathom the patience these officers practice!

While the government and relief agencies are doing a lot to provide people relief, little has been done for our police force. This is indeed disappointing, considering that their contribution is immense. In such a situation, Ufone stepped forward and made an effort to pay gratitude to our police force. Pakistani telecom operator distributed water bottles and juices amongst the officers and thanked them for their dedication.

This activity garnered a lot of positive response on the social media. People appreciated this gesture and said it was a true act of kindness. Here’s what people wrote on social media

Although this was a small act but such things restore our faith in humanity. It makes us believe that we still care for each other and stand with each other during these tough times.

It was heartening to see people acknowledging the efforts of our police officers.

Then there were some people who reminded us that kindness actually costs nothing, all you need is a clear intention.

It’s also important to realize that these police officers have left their homes and loved so that we could be safe with our dear ones. Let’s all realize their immense contribution and take care of our heroes.

Pakistan is going through a difficult time and we can only emerge out victorious if we value our people and their efforts. We need to support our front line workers so they feel encouraged after all it’s not easy for anyone of us. Our front line heroes should not feel alone in this pandemic rather know that the whole nation stands behind them.