WATCH: Kaaba gets new Kiswa draped with 120kg of gold threads

01:25 PM | 19 Jul, 2021
WATCH: Kaaba gets new Kiswa draped with 120kg of gold threads

MECCA – In accordance with the annual tradition, the cloth of the Holy Kaaba, was replaced by the staff of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet Mosque on Sunday.

Reports in international media quoting Saudi officials stated that the chosen team took down the old Kiswa that covers around 658 sqm, and then put a new one in place – an Islamic tradition take took place on the 9th day of Dul Hijjah which is the second day of Hajj.

A statement issued by the Deputy Head of the General Presidency for the Grand Mosque Affairs Dr. Saad bin Mohammad al-Mohaimeed, said, the Kiswa is made of 120 kilograms of gold threads, 670 kilograms of high-quality silk, and 100 kilograms of silver threads.

Around 200 Saudi craftsmen were employed to produce the Kiswa, Al Mohaimeed added.

Every year, the old Kiswah is removed and cut into small pieces that are then distributed to certain individuals and organizations around the globe.

Some historians believe that the Kiswa was first used when the fourth century Yemeni King Tubba instructed the leaders of (the) Jurhum tribe to maintain its purgation and make a door and a key for it, and since then, it has become a distinguishable feature of Holy Kaaba.

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On the other hand, thousands of vaccinated pilgrims circled Kaaba on Sunday but remained socially distanced and wore masks as the coronavirus takes its toll on the Hajj for a second year running.