Reema Khan shares adorable video with her husband

05:38 PM | 19 Jun, 2021
Reema Khan shares adorable video with her husband

Lollywood queen Reema certainly has reached a point in her career where she is respected for her contribution to Pakistani cinema.

Khan is a talent powerhouse who is a Pakistani film actress, producer and director. But apart from her successful professional endeavours, she effortless juggles her personal life as well.

Turning to her Instagram handle, the 49-year-old beauty shared an adorable video with her husband as she reflected on the intricacies of love and affection.

“Love Is Not About How Many Days, Weeks Or Months You’ve Been Together, It’s all About How Much You Love & Respect Each Other Every Day”

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Reema married the Pakistani-American cardiologist Dr Tariq Shahab in November 2011. The couple also had a child on March 24, 2015, Reema gave birth to their first child Ali Shahab.

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