The use of drugs by the youth; causes and effects

11:46 AM | 19 Jun, 2022
The use of drugs by the youth; causes and effects

By Sidra Rao

The use of drugs is a malediction that ruins the constitution of our country. When a boy or a girl uses it on daily basis it becomes an addiction and leads to other bad habits. 

It is mostly caused when someone cannot handle his personal problems. Family issues may come up with an addiction to drugs. Sometimes youngsters use drugs to fulfil their desires. Public and inward stress are the major sources of smoking and drinking. A person starts to use drugs when she or he is alone or society does not give him any importance.

When parents do not support their child in any activity, it is also a cause of drug addiction. Emotionally disturb youngsters also become drug addictors nowadays. The facility of drugs in a society becomes a common source of drug addiction. When there is no strictness over the use of drugs, young people use drugs more easily. A normal person becomes a drug addictor when there is an availability of drugs in society and no one takes action against this curse.

Young people use drugs because they want to join their friends' company and set their minds according to their friends. Youngsters use drugs because drugs make their day pleasant and joyful after hard work, so they feel much better after using drugs. Tensions, depression, headaches, and stress-related disorders are more common among drug addictors. 

For the improvement and betterment of study and to gain championship as a player student, young people use anabolic steroids. Youngsters take drugs to try new experiences as they are much more excited and adventurous with extracurricular activities.

Signs of drug problems in young people are more common especially when they want to join a company of new friends. Sitting alone for most of the time is a major sign. Sadness, when there is no one who gives importance to these people. Start to eat fewer meals. Getting bad grades, memory loss, and use of Bad wording.

There are bad effects of using drugs on the mind and body of an individual.  Daily use of drugs leads to disorders of the brain and body, so the brain and body cannot perform their functions properly.  Uncontrollable cravings occur someone set his heart on drug addiction then it becomes dreadful day by day and cannot control it, which is harmful to his health.

There is a loss of energy when someone wastes it on drugs and tasks related to addiction. He cannot perform his work efficiently by using drugs. Drug addiction shows its bad effects on an individual's health. Drug users face more tensions, loss of appetite, stress, loss of sleep, and perspiration.

There are bad mental effects on an individual and emotional disturbances by using drugs daily. Drugs show major disturbance of the mind when an individual uses them on daily basis. Excessive use of drugs also results in kidney failure, heart attack, liver problems and lung cancer, and other respiratory disorders. The use of drugs also results in the loss of the immune system of an individual.  The body cannot fight against disease when our immune system cannot work properly.

One should follow some steps to prevent himself from using drugs and these include: Involvement of parents and their support is most important. Parents should be cooperative with their children, so they can perform every activity an easy way. Parents should teach skills of solving problems to their children. Caring for children and providing them with safe boundaries.  Parents should know about their children's friends.

Marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol are the most widely used drugs among young people. Smoking tobacco and marijuana have been recently used by young people. Smoking is most dangerous for all and still, we do not know about it.  There is the occurrence of the sudden death of young people just after smoking. For this reason, young people should stay away from smoking which can lead to drug addiction.

For preventing and reducing the level of drugs in a community, The Green December Movement has been established in December 1983 in the North Western Frontier Province of Pakistan.

In Peshawar and Mardan, two recovery centers have been established for free treatment of drug addictors and it is also free for other parts of the province. The Green December Movement has succeeded to lessen the use of drugs among men and women. Religious leaders perform a better role in the prevention of drug activities and provide sacred and intellectual support to stay away from young people from using drugs.

The branch offices for Green December Movement have been constructed in Karachi and Quetta. The Green December Movement gives courage to young people and different groups in an area. Students and teachers to take part in the campaign against drug addiction.

The Governmental and non-governmental associations which provide awareness against drug addiction in a community, also cooperate with the Green December Movement and work for the prevention and cure of drug addiction. These are the roles that Pakistan Government has played against drug addiction in young people.

Saying "No" to drugs is most important among all factors against it. It seems impossible to say "No" to drugs especially when your friends force you to use more drugs in order to gain relief. But some steps should be followed:

Parents should search for resources that how their children remain involved in this type of activity.  Do relevant discussions on drugs such as alcohol in front of their child and aware of this curse. Show nice behavior towards your child and ask him if he uses drugs, then be aware of him and tell the difference between good and bad.

The writer is a student at the University of Okara.