Nadia Jamil can't stop trolling her trolls, and it's the best thing ever

12:40 PM | 19 Nov, 2019
Nadia Jamil can't stop trolling her trolls, and it's the best thing ever

LAHORE- Celebrities have to put up with a lot of criticism, especially on social media. But sometimes, they have the perfect response.

For whatever reason -- lack of decency or mental instability or whatever -- people feel the need to leverage social media to take a jibe at famous individuals. Of course, this means when it backfires on them, they're roasting is witnessed by almost everyone.

When it comes to giving the most savage replies that burn, veteran actress Nadia Jamil is the queen! Whether it’s people trying to bring her down or make fun of her, Nadia almost always shuts them down and we stan a queen who takes no shit!

A Twitter user- @ZartashChaudhry- called Jamil and attention seeker and she shut him down with the best response possible!

"JazakAllah, always fun to hear opinions about yourself :) Oh and thank you for the attention beta jee," wrote Jamil!

This proves that the Behaad actor is unafraid of getting her point across and tackles every type of issue when responding to trolls.

Jamil may have the most savage comebacks ever but one needs to realize that hateful words can actually stick with a person and make them feel all sorts of things. It's about time people leave others alone and limit unwanted opinions to themselves.

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