This Guy From Lahore Replies To All The Trolls Against Imran Khan

09:44 PM | 20 Feb, 2018
This Guy From Lahore Replies To All The Trolls Against Imran Khan

While everyone else was bashing Imran Khan for his third marriage Murtaza Nasir decides to support his Mentor 


Lahore- Imran Khan is always is the news, he started off with cricket, then politics and now the most discussed topic HIS THIRD MARRIAGE. As being an opinion leader his marriage was the most dissed and loved affair for all. His love life dates back to National Bhabhi Jamima Khan to Reham Khan and now Bushra Maneka.

Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaaf media wing dropped the bomb on Sunday night with the pictures of Khan’s third marriage. This caused an uproar amongst the people over the internet.

While everyone was dissing Khan for his third marriage, Murtaza Nasir a Beaconhouse National University, media studies graduate decides to stand up for his mentor and opinion leader Imran Khan through an Instagram post. He felt the need to express his views along with his wishes and prayers for the newly weds.

He took over Instagram to stop the haters from hating.

Khan gets trolled


Some had all the wishes and love for Khan and his New wife:

Happy wedding:

Best wishes:

Fingers crossed:

Political views aside Imran Khan has got all the rights to marry whoever he wants to as even in our religion age doesn’t matter. He is defying the norms of our society and setting new examples of how one can battle for his/her mental peace and happiness. Happy third Wedding Mr Khan.