Anwar Mansoor Khan steps down as attorney general

04:25 PM | 20 Feb, 2020

ISLAMABAD - Anwar Mansoor Khan on Thursday resigned from his post as the Attorney General of Pakistan.

Khan, in his resignation to President Arif Alvi, said the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) had asked for his resignation.

"I stand with my brothers and colleagues at the Bar and I wish to reaffirm my faith in the highest principles of integrity and professional excellence that the Pakistan Bar Council has always stood for,” the letter read.

He added, “I hereby resign from the position of the Attorney-General for Pakistan and request you to accept it with immediate effect. In the last year and a half, I worked to the best of my ability to serve this solemn office with the honesty of purpose, and commitment to upholding the constitution."

The Supreme Court on Wednesday had directed Khan to produce evidence supporting his statement or submit a written apology about his controversial statement regarding Supreme Court judges, for which he had been reprimanded by the court as well.

AG Khan had levelled allegations against the bench which irked the full court asking him to withdraw his statement.

“Certain statement was made by the attorney general about the bench and it would be appreciative that the material on the basis that he has made statement be placed before the bench,” the court noted down in its order.

“In case, no material was placed before this bench, we expect a written apology from the attorney general for having to touch the matter,” the court further noted in its order. “It is not against one but every member of the bench,” it added.