Exploring wonderful health benefits of Summer season

01:18 PM | 20 Jun, 2018
Exploring wonderful health benefits of Summer season
LAHORE-  Summer season is at its peak these days in many areas of Pakistan. This season is full of good aspects of health also which many of the people neglect or don't know about.

According to many doctors, the Summer season has many health benefits and people go through improvements in health and mood.

Below are 5 benefits of Summer season on our health:

1. Sunshine – Anyone cannot deny that a sunny day is a happier day than an overcast day. Is it because of the vitamin D production (which is really like a hormone). Or is it because of sulfur production in human body.

2. Mood – Human moods are generally happier and more stable during the summer months, it’s likely related to more sun, more social events, and doing more hobbies. Your mood is mostly determined by your feelings. And if you’re continually in a happy state, whether from novel vacation trips, interactions with friends, seeing your kids happy or just feeling the sunshine on the face, it’s healing.

3.  Nature – In winter, much of nature is dormant, but in summer they are in full bloom with big leaves and plenty of smell. This may seem like a minor point but I don’t think it is. In this video I talk about the new research showing how being out in nature downregulates stress hormones, upregulates immune systems, and improves moods. One can also enjoy nature at the parks or by the lake, under the trees during this time of the year.

4. Social Life – After a cold winter and a wet spring, when summer comes around people start venturing outside on a regular basis, which is good because, as we’ve talked about before, social interaction is important for your health. And in the summer,   people are more willing to say “yes” to social invites.

There are more people in the coffee shops, malls, so even if you don’t have a great social group yet, there are plenty of people to go meet. Make it a priority this summer.