Sweet Sixteen distributes safety masks among public

07:33 PM | 20 Mar, 2020
Sweet Sixteen distributes safety masks among public

We all are aware of the Corona Virus and how it is affecting the world. The number of patients is increasing with the passage of time and no vaccine has yet been discovered to treat the virus. The government and medical experts are encouraging people to follow precautionary measures.

The precautionary measures include wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing, etc. The prices of hands sanitizer and safety masks has increased significantly. There is a shortage of these products in stores because some people have probably started to stock these products without thinking that other people need them too.

Amidst all this selfishness, I came across news of some people distributing free masks among the public. The clothing brand “Sweet sixteen” in collaboration with an Advertising and PR agency named Media Box, took the task of distributing one lac safety masks among the public. The team spent days trying to help people by giving them masks and trying to make them aware of the seriousness of the coronavirus.

The team distributed masks on roads and signals very peacefully without creating any chaos which is admirable. The Owner and CEO of Sweet Sixteen Mr. Shahbaz are very humble and down to earth. He expressed his determination and concern about the well being of the people by saying that “Sweet Sixteen will always stand with our nation in any circumstances.” The representative Media Box Mr Kamran Khan said: “We are proud to be a part of this kind of activity.”

This is the kind of inspiration that we all need to acquire. Coronavirus has threatened all of us. It is a threat to every person’s safety. We all need to fight it together and helping others. Instead of just thinking about our own safety, let’s try to keep others safe as well by providing the precautionary equipment to those who can not afford it. All of us can do something to aid those in need by giving them few hand sanitizers or masks or by giving people awareness about the COVID 19. Let’s fight this together without being selfish. We should not let Coronavirus kill our humanity and compassion for others.

The writer is a student of English Literature and pursuing her bachelors degree at University of the Punjab.

She can be reached at hibahussain500@gmail.com