Chaiwala craze: Reminder of the stereotypical standards of beauty in Pakistan

03:52 PM | 20 Oct, 2016
Chaiwala craze: Reminder of the stereotypical standards of beauty in Pakistan
So here's two cents on the whole viral 'Chaiwala' craze.

What is it about men & women that makes them 'attractive' to other human beings?

Pakistani society, it seems, has gotten everything figured out for themselves.

Even though people everywhere are putting his success on 'destiny' and 'God's will', there's alot more that comes to mind when thinking about someone's over-night success based on just their outer appearance.

Apparently our standards of beauty remain limited (mostly) to white skin.

Otherwise, a Punjabi chaiwala would've been offered his dream job as a model or an actor too. Sadly, he doesn't have a pair of blue or green eyes.

Making his way through Pakistani social media and jumping straight onto Daily Mail and BBC, Arshad Khan has become the talk of the town, and perhaps it wouldn't be wrong to label him the talk of the world either.

It takes a talented artist, musician, actor or any other talented individual in our country years, perhaps even their entire life to acquire such monstrous fame.

Chai wala does it solely with the way he posed for a camera, and the innocence on his face has taken over the hearts of millions of people all over the world, not just Pakistan.

I don't entirely blame the social media generation of today, because this bug dates back to those days in which our dadis and nanis would describe a newborn in the family as 'bari sohni hai, gori chitti hai', or the way rishta aunties demanded a 'white skinned girl' for rishtas and even the guy's parents.

There are still girls who suffer from this complex in our society, and hardly get any rishta approvals because of this cultural issue.

It seems that change is not coming anytime soon, with the way people are bedazzled by beauty these days. The world has become superficial and it's more important for people to be beautiful outside, it seems.

The idea of beauty shouldn't be limited to the way a person looks: it should lie in the personality and character of an individual.

Real beauty is how an individual carries himself, how he is with others, and the way he contributes in a positive way to the society. THAT, in my opinion, should be deemed beautiful.

And with this, I want to say that no doubt Arshad Khan is a beautiful man, a handsome one and deserves the attention he can get. Let's also hope he can live up to the charm and prove to be a great human being, and let's hope that in the future, we move on from 'good looks' to 'great character', something that society really needs to focus on.