Official Results: PML-N clinches 31 seats in AJK Legislative Assembly Elections 2016

05:01 PM | 21 Jul, 2016
Official Results: PML-N clinches 31 seats in AJK Legislative Assembly Elections 2016
MUZZAFARABAD  - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has earned a simple majority in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly Elections 2016 by bagging 31 seats out of 41 after a round of day-long polling concluded on Thursday.

According to the official results, PML-N earned 31 seats while the Muslim Conference and PPP bagged 3 seats each. PTI could only secure 2 seats while the Pakistan People's Party won only one seat. One seat was also clinched by an Independent contestant.

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A total of 423 candidates contested 41 seats to be filled on the basis of the direct adult franchise. Out of these, 29 seats are meant for all 10 districts of AJK and 12 are meant for Pakistan-based refugees from Kashmir valley, Jammu and others areas.

According to the AJK Election Commission, there were 26,74,586 registered voters in all 29 constituencies of AJK's ten districts, including 12,28,930 male and 10,06,772 female voters.

Pakistan-based J&K refugees also form a significant portion of the electoral rolls with 4,38884 registered voters including 2,54,817 male and 1,84,067 female in 12 constituencies.

The election commission established as many as 5,429 polling stations with 8,008 booths in all 41 constituencies.

The elections were held under the supervision of Pakistan Army and Rangers with the coordination of the local civilian law enforcement agencies including the AJK police, the Punjab and KP police and the Frontier Constabulary.

Overall Results:

Party PML-N PPP MC PTI Independent Others Total
Seats 31  3  3 2  1  1  41

Full List of Winning Candidates:

Constituency Winner Party
LA-1 Dadyal Masood Khalid PML-N
LA-2 Chakswari/Islamgarh Abdul Majeed PPP
LA-3 Mirpur City Ch M Saeed PML-N
LA-4 Khari Sharif Ch Rukhsar PML-N
LA-5 Barnala Colonel (R) Waqar PML-N
LA-6 Samahni Ali Shan Soni Independent
LA-7 Bhimber City Ch Tariq Farooq PML-N
LA-8 Kotli City Malik Muhammad Nawaz MC
LA-9 Nakyal Dist Kotli Farooq Sikandar PML-N
LA-10 Sehnsa Raja Naseer Khan PML-N
LA-11 Charhoi Ch Yasin PPP
LA-12 Khoiratta Raja Nisar PML-N
LA-13 Dheerkot Sardar Attiq ul Rehman MC
LA-14 Wasti Bagh Mushtaq Minhas PML-N
LA-15 Sharqi Bagh Mir Akbar Khan PML-N
LA-16 Forward Kahuta Haveli Ch Muhammad Aziz PML-N
LA-17 Abbas Pur Yasin Gulshan PML-N
LA-18 Hajeera Sardar Khan Bahadar Khan PML-N
LA-19 Rawlakot  Sardar Khalid Ibrahim AJK PPP
LA-20 Thorar Sagheer Chugtai MC
LA-21 Palandri Sudhnoti Dr Najeeb Naqi PML-N
LA-22 Baloch Sadhnoti Farooq Ahmad Tahir PML-N
LA-23 Athmuqam Neelum Shah Ghulam Qadir PML-N
LA-24 Pateeka Mrs Naureen Arif PML-N
LA-25 Lachrat Ch Shahzad PML-N
LA-26 Muzaffarabad City Iftikhar Gillani PML-N
LA-27 Khawra Raja Abdul Qayum PML-N
LA-28 Chukar Hattian Bala Raja Farooq Haider PML-N
LA-29 Leepa Dr Mustafa PML-N
LA-30 Jammu-1 Karachi/Punjab Nasir Hussain Dar PML-N
LA-31 Jammu-2 Gujranwala/Hafizabad Ch Ismail PML-N
LA-32 Jammu-3 Sialkot Muhammad Ishaq PML-N
LA-33 Jammu-4 Narowal Yasir Rasheed PML-N
LA-34 Jammu-5 Gujrat/M.B.Din/Wazirabad Ch Javaid Akhtar PML-N
LA-35 Jammu-6 Rawalpindi Raja Siddiq PML-N
LA-36 Valley-1 Karachi Abdul Ghaffar Laon PPP
LA-37 Valley-2 Lahore Mohauddin Dewan PTI
LA-38 Valley-3 Jhelum/Multan Shaukat Ali Shah PML-N
LA-39 Valley-4 Rawalpindi Asad Aleem PML-N
LA-40 Valley-5 Rawalpindi/Islamabad/Murree Ahmad Raza Qadri PML-N
LA-41 Valley-6 Peshawar/Mansehra (KPK) Abdul Majid Khan PTI


 This is the end of live updates.

9:56 pm - In LA 12 Kotli, PML-N's Raja Nisar won with 16622 votes

9:36 pm - In LA 33 Narowal, PML-N's Yasir Rasheed  won the polls, securing 23345 votes, while PTI's Akmal Sargala received 12436 votes

9:18 pm - In LA 31, Ch Ismail of the PML-N won the polls and secured 21510 votes followed by PTI's Ch Maqbool with 10211 votes

8:18 pm - In LA 2, Ch Abdul Majeed of the PPP leads with  8331 votes

8:03 pm - In LA 33 Narowal, PML-N Yasir Rasheed leads with 17052 votes

7:51 pm - In LA 13 Baagh, Muslim Conference candidate Sardar Attique defeated the JI's Latif Khaleeq. Attique secured 19860 votes while JI candidate received 2024 votes

7:34 pm - In LA 37, PTI won the polls as Mohiuddin Dewan secured 1924 votes followed by 853 votes for the PML-N candidate Ghulam Abbas Meer

7:20 pm - In LA 13 Baagh, JI's Latif Khaleeq  received 6059 votes while Muslim Conference candidate Sardar Attique secured 5025 votes

7:10 pm - In LA 14, Mushtaq Minhas of the PML-N secured 6064 votes while Raja Qamar placed second with 4043 votes

6:54 pm - In LA 37 Kashmir Valley-2, PTI's Deewan Ali secured 1687 votes followed by 987 votes of PML-N candidate

6:35 pm - In LA 5 Bhimber, PML's Waqar Ahmed Noor is in the lead

6:25 pm - In LA-3, PTI's candidate leads

6:02 pm - In LA 9 Kotli-2, the PML-N candidate is leading with 8771 votes

5:54 pm - In LA 30 Karachi Muhammad Mansha Khan of MQM received 24 votes followed by 11 votes of PML-N candidate.

5:46 pm - In LA 19 Pounch Farzana Yaqub of PPPP secured 504 votes while 329 votes were bagged by Sardar Khalid Ibrahim of Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party

5:40 pm - In LA 29 Muzaffarabad Hatian Bala-2 Chaudhrey Muhammad Rasheed leads with 213 votes and Muslim Conference leader Deewan Ali trails with 167 votes

5:33 pm - In LA 25 Muzaffarabd 2 Bazil Naqvi of PPPP secured 99 votes and Ch.Shehzad Mehmood of the PML-N secured 51 votes.

5:26 pm - In LA 13 Baagh, PML-N leader Raja Iftikhar Ayub secured 214 votes while Sardar Attiq of the Muslim Conference bagged 57 votes.

5:22 pm - In LA 10 Kotli-3, Raja Naseer Ahmad of PML-N secured 204 votes while Chaudhery Ikhlaq of PTI secured 6 votes.

5:17 pm - In LA 14 Mushtaq Minhas of the PML-N secured 155 votes while Raja Qamar placed second with 11 votes.

5:10 pm - In LA 9 Kotli-2, Javed Iqbal of the PPP-P secured 212 votes while Raja Siknadr earned 123 votes.

5:01 pm - Polling has been completed across Azad Kashmir and the vote counting has begun.