Health conscious freaks observe 'World Yoga Day 2018'

10:55 AM | 21 Jun, 2018
Health conscious freaks observe 'World Yoga Day 2018'
LAHORE- The word “yoga” literally means union. United Nations had declared 21 June as the 'International Yoga Day'.

Yoga does not mean twisting of the body, tying limbs into knots, holding of breath or doing some other circus. The word “yoga” means, in one’s experience, everything has become one.

It is a system of raising human ability to perceive, to enhance individual human beings to realize their ultimate nature. Yoga is the most profound exploration of the very mechanics of life. As the world is suffering from anxiety and depression because of the present tough times gave the yogic science is of utmost significance now, like never before.

It is very important that we have an inner sense and awareness of life, that we experience every other being as a part of ourselves. Otherwise, our pursuit of wellbeing will destroy all.

If a certain population in the world experiences this, if a certain percentage of the world truly becomes meditative, definitely the quality of the world will change.

Particularly if the leadership in the world experiences the unity or the yoga of life, there will be a dramatic change in the way the world will function. The declaration of International Yoga Day is a significant step in this direction and can have a ripple effect across the planet.

Yoga helps in finding happiness, health, and compassion in everyday life. It is surely a key to happy and healthy life.