Pak Suzuki challenges rivals with four new products

08:36 PM | 23 Dec, 2017
Pak Suzuki challenges rivals with four new products
Pakistan’s largest car maker Pak Suzuki has once again thrown down a gauntlet to all of its competitors with the launch of four exciting products in vehicular and motorcycling industry

Cultus (Auto Gear Shift) and 1500cc Mega Carry have been rolled out to bolster the already thriving automobile industry whereas bikies would be enjoying the GR 150 and GSXR 600.

What sets Pak Suzuki products apart from its peers is the performance, reliability and comfort keeping economical factor in mind, and the same has been reflected in its recently launched products as well.

A brief overview of the recent roll outs is as under:

CULTUS Auto Gear Shift

The variant of Suzuki Cultus by the name Celerio hit the roads in April, this year, however, another addition to the product is the Auto Gear Shift feature which would help ease the driving but would not burden the pocket.

The Auto Gear Shift feature is in actual ‘Automated Manual Transmission’ system that is synonymous to a regular manual transmission system but with the addition of AGS unit which automates the functions of Clutch Operation & Gear Shift Operation.

Let’s explain the exciting Auto Gear Shift feature a bit more.

The drivers are between a rock and a hard place to go with the manual or automatic transmission vehicle keeping in mind the mileage woes for automatic and comfort for manual transmission but the Auto Gear Shift is a midway between the two solving the hassle of both types of car lovers.

Auto Gear Shift has removed the Clutch pedal from the vehicle replacing it with an actuator electronically transmitting signals.

There are two modes in this type of transmission, Manual and Automatic.

For Manual transmission one can simply move the gear shaft to ‘M’ and then with increasing or decreasing acceleration can use the + or – modes to switch between gears sequentially.

When the Gear shaft is moved to Automatic transmission ‘D’ one does not need to worry as the smart transmission system would be automatically switching gears now in synchronization with increasing or decreasing speed.

Besides these, the parking ‘N’ mode is also present which is selected before turning the ignition switch ON while keeping the brake pedal and parking brake (hand brake) pressed.

For reversing the Suzuki Celerio, simply move the gear shaft to ‘R’ and release the parking brake.

Another aspect of the smart switching is that when a driver switches from Automatic ‘D’ mode to Manual ‘M’ mode, the gear position would remain the same and so there would be no glitches, no matter at what speed you are heading to your destination.

For those who are curious about what would happen if the speed drops too low in case of manual transmission, the answer is simple: Without touching the gear shaft, the gear would be automatically switched to the lower level and it would be displayed on the panel in front of the driver.

But there are a few warnings shown on display which should be monitored.

For example If a driver tries to start engine without pressing the Brake pedal, a warning light turns on and a buzzer sounds like blip,blip (short pattern 2 times).

Moreover, If a driver tries to start engine with select position other than N (Neutral), shift indicator flashes on and off and warning buzzer sounds like blip, blip (short pattern 2 times).

If temperature of clutch disc is high, warning light flashes turn on and off & warning buzzer sounds like bleep , bleep.

Not only this, a warning light turns on if AGS unit malfunctions and If the selected lever position and actual gear position is different, shift indicator flashes on and off & warning buzzer sounds like blip,blip (short pattern 2 times).

During ‘M’ mode, If the driver shifts to + or – and if the command is not executed, shift indicator flashes on and off & warning buzzer sounds like blip,blip (short pattern 2 times).

The Cultus Celerio has been designed keeping the demands and utility of modern corporate executives in mind and female drivers who find it difficult to steer through rush hours in metropolitans.

With all the amazing features, the 100cc model is priced at Rs 13,91,000 PKR.

Mega Carry Xtra

With a view to facilitate the businessman, farmers, courier companies and logistic firms who need to relocate their stuff from one place to another, Pak Suzuki has introduced a variant of Ravi by the name Mega Carry Xtra.

The Mega Carry Xtra is a 1500cc light commercial vehicle with 4 cylinders and 16 valve with a deck that opens from three sides.

The pivotal point of discussion regarding the ‘light commercial vehicle’ is the suspension, which has been increased many folds by Pak Suzuki and it supports a pay load capacity of 750 kg.

What distinguishes the Mega carry from its predecessors and peers is its extended deck area which is 2450mm in Length, 1670mm in Width and 365mm in Height.

Owing to the ultra-modern features, the vehicle secured multiple awards like the prestigious Best Pick Up award in 2011 and 2012 as well.

The product, that would ease the hassle of transporting stuff also focuses on other features as the front brake is disc type while rear one is Drum type.

The Turning Radius of Mega Carry Xtra is 4.9 m with a Curb weight (weight including all necessary operating consumables such as motor oil, transmission oil, coolant, air conditioning refrigerant, and sometimes a full tank of fuel, while not loaded with either passengers or cargo) of 1100 kg.

Moreover, the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) or gross vehicle mass (GVM) of the vehicle (including the vehicle's chassis, body, engine, engine fluids, fuel, accessories, driver, passengers and cargo but excluding that of any trailers) is 1950 kg.

The engine specifications of Mega Carry Xtra also differentiate it from its rivals as it houses 1.5 Litre, 5 shift manual transmission with a Brake horsepower (bhp) of 91 and a torque of 126 Nm.

Moreover, the vehicle contains a power to weight ratio of 83 bhp/tonn with tyres rated at 185 R 14.

The consumers also get to avail the warranty with 2 years & 40,000 km (whichever comes first).


Pak Suzuki that has made its mark in the automobile industry is also striving hard to let the bikers fully enjoy the ride and for that it has launched two models as part of its recent release.

SUZUKI GR 150 is Suzuki’s sporty entry into the 150cc fleet of motorcycles and it aims to facilitate the young blood of society like students and small business owners.

The model comes with a 5-speed digital gear, alloy wheels and front disk brake and interestingly, the CKD (Complete Knock Down) parts of Suzuki GR 150 are assembled in Pakistan.

Pak Suzuki offers engine warranty of 20,000 Km or three years coupled with a year’s warranty and two services free on 12,000 Km.

The sale statistics of 150cc model also show an upward trend which is a harbinger of customer satisfaction as during the first six months of 2016, Jan - June , 3533 products were sold out but during the same time frame for current year, the sales ballooned and demonstrated a 40 percent growth with as many as 4075 consumers preferring the model.


When it comes to the genre of heavy bikes, Pak Suzuki is aiming big and has revitalized its existing presence in the industry with the release of SUZUKI GSX-R600 which is a smaller version of successful GSXR750.

Initially it was launched in 1992 and was called Gixxer but the latest model is Moto GP in style and is world’s first production fuel injected motocross bike.

The Suzuki roll out comes with imported 4 cylinder CBU from Japan and it would be launched globally at the same time.

The price of the 600cc model is 1900K-1950K but it is worth it because the model includes multiple features including Functional Instrument Cluster, Race Developed Suspension, Electronic Ignition, 6-Speed Constant Mesh , 3 Way adjustable Foot Peg and front brake system with brembo.

This Suzuki heavy bike comes with BDS High Performance Suspension Type and provides warranty for 2 years or 24,000 Km.

The efficacy of SUZUKI GSX-R600 can be gauged from the fact that it bagged numerous awards including all the 600cc Championships In 2012 i.e. Daytona Sportbike, Supersport West and Supersport East.

The average sale of heavy bikes in Pakistan is 150 per year and most of the enthusiasts prefer to buy a used bike but Pak Suzuki is trying to give a better option to the consumers in the two wheeler category.

The 600cc model is sure to attract the educated individuals and notables from showbiz and sports field.

Pak Suzuki thrives on the trust of its customers who have helped making it the largest automobile manufacturer in Pakistan. With a promise on quality, durability and reliability, Pak Suzuki believes in creating lasting bonds with its customers so that they become customers for generations.