Naseeruddin Shah states; "It's the rapist who should be ashamed not the victim"

06:08 PM | 24 Apr, 2018
Naseeruddin Shah states;
MUMBAI: Veteran Bollywood actor, Naseeruddin Shah stated his opinion regarded the entire Kashmir-Kathua rape case of 8 year old Asifa Bano at the trailer launch of his upcoming movie, 'Hope Aur Hum'.

The actor said, “Well, rape is not a new phenomenon, such horrors have always happened; but the positive thing is, these days such cases are reported more. He also added that he was glad there was more media coverage for such cases which was a "positive sign."

He further added, “In fact, there is a very wonderful thing that read yesterday in a newspaper where a rape survivor was saying that why should the victim has to hide her face? It, in fact, the accused, who committed the crime should be ashamed, they should hide their faces. It’s a threatful situation… I guess it’s a good thing that media is so alert about all these things nowadays.”

However, the actor also added that he wasn't entirely sure whether this was a solution, “It surely makes our morning horrifying, as the moment you open the newspaper, such news appears. But it is good that such incidents are talked about.”

“We are talking about a generational change of mindset, that cannot happen overnight. What we can do, is to trend set the example in our personal lives. We cannot keep on policing or not every girl possibly keeps a pistol or learns martial arts. It has to begin with us, with each one of us," he concluded.