Let’s Change The Way We Look At Life

06:33 PM | 24 Jul, 2021
Let’s Change The Way We Look At Life

In our day-to-day lives we usually reciprocate the same energy we receive. Our instinctive response to an awkward situation is usually loud. However responding with a refreshing twist is what we see in the new amazing Pepsi TVC. In this gripping and witty story, the protagonist cleverly asserts his position and stands up for himself with grace and tact.

This ad film highlights the beauty of reacting unpredictably. It underlines how it’s wise to respond differently. Appreciation is due to the makers that came up with such a captivating concept. The ad mirrors our society, and leaves us with an inspiring message.  

The rise of the digital world paved the way for online trolling. Hiding behind a fake identity the digital space is heaven to people who love poking their nose in others business. In these circumstances, this ad gives a refreshing take on what wise people can do to respond to such behavior. We have tried and tested calling them out; why not try some Tameez (manners) this time?

Pepsi’s new TVC is a benchmark on how big messages can be delivered with sweet and simple ideas. The film is like a timely poke. It encourages to look beyond set ways of thinking. Why Not Meri Jan is a question that voices a new way to look at life.

Check out the new astounding Pepsi TVC: