Kangana Ranaut vows to remain single or childless after joining politics

11:24 AM | 25 Aug, 2018
Kangana Ranaut vows to remain single or childless after joining politics
MUMBAI - Bollywood diva Kangana Ranaut has been a role model for many young ladies. The actress had achieved fame and success after many years of struggle and facing heavy criticism.

Is Kangana all set to enter Politics foray?  Now, that is a question which is being asked ever since she hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that politics is akin to national service. However, Kangana has her hands full of film projects and will politics fit in with her commitments?

Having a talk with a media person, the Fashion movie star made it clear that she is not averse to turning to politics.“I am currently in the midst of Manikarnika, Mental Hai Kya and we’ve just announced Panga. Whenever I decide to take up the path, I will do so with utmost sophistication, dignity and full focus,” she said.


The actor added that neither is she a sissy who will say no to politics as it is demanding nor will she be selfish enough to say that it isn’t her cup of tea.

Earlier, the Queen actor had said, “Whenever there is any danger on our country, we have our soldiers who are ready to sacrifice their lives even without batting an eyelid. If my country ever needs me, then I will be willing to lay my life for my country, leave alone joining politics.”


“If I have to be a national servant, I can’t have a family or kids – or even an alternate career. A politician should be nothing more than a government servant. I can’t be an actor and at the same time, pursue a future in politics. I don’t want any conflict to arise over my service to the nation,” shared Ranaut.