PM Imran inaugurates Sohni Dharti Remittance Program for overseas Pakistanis

07:57 PM | 25 Nov, 2021
PM Imran inaugurates Sohni Dharti Remittance Program for overseas Pakistanis

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan Thursday inaugurated the Sohni Dharti Remittance Program (SDRP) an innovative program designed to incentivize Pakistani workers abroad to send remittances to Pakistan through banks and exchange companies and earn reward points.

The initiative is offered jointly by the State Bank of Pakistan, Ministry of Finance and financial institutions today at the Prime Minister House in Islamabad.

The reward points could then be used to avail different benefits offered by partner organizations. SDRP can be accessed conveniently from anywhere in the world through a mobile application.

In his address, the premier thanked overseas Pakistanis for posing confidence in the bright future of their homeland by sending record high remittances of over $29 billion in last fiscal year FY21 and continuing the trend in FY22.

He noted that the government has always encouraged and appreciated the efforts of Overseas Pakistanis through various initiatives and programs. He especially mentioned the incentives like making remittances transfer free of cost, providing free airtime for remittances received through mobile wallets and covering marketing cost of remittance service providers.

He also congratulated State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Ministry of Finance (MoF), financial institutions, participating public sector entities(PSEs) and all other stakeholders as without their efforts the launch of this remittance incentive program would not have been possible.

He termed the launch of SDRP as a tribute to the Pakistani workers abroad who have been contributing in the development of the country through sending their hard-earned money back to Pakistan. He also appreciated the concept of giving incentives through a digital application for sending remittances via official channels.

How It Works

Under the SDRP, if an individual sends remittance to the limit of USD10,000 or equivalent in one fiscal year, then he/she will be awarded one percent as a reward and allotted a green card category.

Similarly, for remittances sent by an individual between USD10,000 and USD30,000 or equivalent, the remitter would be given 1.25 percent as reward and classified into gold card category. Lastly, for remittances of more than USD30,000 or equivalent, he/she will be awarded 1.5 percent as reward and allotted a platinum card category.

The reward points can be redeemed by remitters and their beneficiaries for availing free of cost services from eight (08) participating PSEs at the moment. The services offered include international tickets by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and the provision to pay for extra luggage on international flights of PIA. Along with this, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has allowed Overseas Pakistanis to pay duty on import of mobile phone and vehicles. The National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) will provide services related to the renewal of CNIC/NICOP and along with this, they can renew their passports without any hassle. Overseas Pakistanis can avail life insurance premium payment through state life insurance services and a facility to pay schools’ fee of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation schools.

Moreover, overseas Pakistanis will be able to make purchases through a network of utility stores across the country. Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) will provide preferential services to overseas Pakistanis under the umbrella of this program by installing separate counters and provide priority clearance whereas Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will ensure the placement of standees and banners for the promotion of this initiative.

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