'Exercise Inspired Union': Pakistan, US hold joint naval drills amid growing ties

10:53 PM | 26 Apr, 2022
'Exercise Inspired Union': Pakistan, US hold joint naval drills amid growing ties
Source: File photo

KARACHI – Pakistan and the United States naval forces have conducted a bilateral naval exercise in the North Arabian Sea.

The purpose of 'Exercise Inspired Union' was to rehearse maritime procedures and enhance interoperability in naval operations, per reports.

Vessels from both sides took part in maritime maneuvers to counter asymmetric threats, mine countermeasures, and Search and Rescue operations. The drills depict Pakistan Navy’s recognition as a reckonable force and show resolve to maintain regional stability and good order at sea.

Reports in media quoting US Consulate in Karachi said US Navy ships USS Gridley, USS Dextrous, and other ships visited seaside metropolis and spent five days from 19 April to 23 April.

The naval drills dubbed 'Exercise Inspired Union' come at a time when Pakistan gets its new Prime Minister while the change of faces is helping Islamabad to return ‘normal relations’ with its traditional supporter Washington.

The recent drills are the second in a year as United States Navy ships earlier visited the seaside metropolis for a bilateral exercise with Pakistan Navy in January this year.

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Professional exchanges through meetings and sessions occurred at the harbor while ships of both sides participated in a Passage Exercise, which included the participation of surface, air and special services elements.